Change of Destination

Due to the fact that we have been moving along rather quickly, it looks like we will arrive at Ponta Delgada in the dark tomorrow Night.I make it a rule that unless it is an emergency, we will not enter an unknown harbor at night. Too many variables. So…we can reef the sails and plod along and arrive early morning Monday in Ponta Delgada. Another option would be to carry on at speed, arrive, and do figure 8’s outside the harbor till morning (we actually did this last summer approaching Cadiz, Spain). OR we can add another island to the voyage and stop around noon at Santa Maria Island, Azores and stay the night and then do an easy 60 mile trip to Ponta Delgada on Monday. We have decided on this last option and since we have stayed well south of the rhumb line (to keep the wind) Santa Maria is right on our way. I have just called ahead and they have room for us. So, hopefully a nice overnight’s sail (will we ever see the stars??…) followed by a pancake breakfast then a noo
n arrival into Vila do Porto, Santa Maria, Azores. Check the tracker (Live Map) and send us a note! Bye for now.


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  1. Dan, It is very exciting following your trip and I’ve learned a lot about the places you have been and about sailing. My son William is also following I believe. He is getting his sailing certifications up in Seattle and hopes to own a boat someday.

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