Romans and Henna

imageThis has been a really cool day. Though it was 107 degrees (only a DRY heat so…) we took a car to the Roman Ruins of Volubilis. This is catnip for the Culpepper family. We do love our ruins. Mosaics that were laid 2,000 years ago. An amazingly modern city. 17 villas with the largest a mere 21,500 sq. ft.! Ancient sewers. The poor at the bottom end of the gravity flow and stone construction so beautifully wrought that time disappears. Next up was Henna Tattoos for the girls and dinner to go from the medina. We are ¬†getting ready for the trip to the desert tomorrow. We will be gone 3 days. 9 hours by 4 wheel drive to Merzouga. 2 nights in the desert. Visits to Berber villages and a return to Fes. If we can update we will but we shall see.


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