Quick Update

We are southeast of Nantucket working around the shoals and lining up for a straight shot into Newport. We are currently sailing 6-7 knots in 15 knots of wind in……FOG. Fog and wind what?? And since the trip is almost done and I will not get many more opportunities, I can now let you know that we are using the Fog Alert Radar Tagging system. Called … well, work it out yourself. The VHF radio started emitting strange noises which we quickly identified as VOICES for the first time in 16 days earlier today. It will be a long night but we should enter Newport in the morning. Pete is currently steering a shockingly straight line in difficult conditions. The man has been there with me from the beginning. There are no words. Until tomorrow.


Quick Update — 5 Comments

  1. Hoping for a safe landing in Newport. Ida Lewis? Remarkable trip, and thanks for the Gulfstream revelation. So she doesn’t always flow North!

  2. What an adventure! Thanks for the posts along the way. It has been exciting to go along with you in some way.

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