Noon Update #2

We are currently 350miles away from Lagos with 500 miles remaining. Last night was a repeat of the previous night. Double reefs in the mainsail and jib.20-32 knots of wind BUT the sea state smoothed out somewhat allowing for a slightly more pleasant ride. Our noon to noon mileage was 167. The winds have moderated to 8-12 knots, we are shaking out the reefs and sailing SW on a broad reach to stay with the wind. . It is Goldilocks sailing for the moment, not too little and not too much wind. Very pleasant. We have also noticed a golden orb in the sky (we have not seen this since departing) we are calling this the SUN. Pete is working his sextant, Mattia is asleep and …..damn…wait…..
Laurie just caught a FISH!!! A small Albacore Tuna and she is now officially INSUFFERABLE! You should see how she is strutting about yelling “Oh Yay, oh yay!, who’s the queen of fish now!” And “I am woman, watch me roar.”…..See what I mean, insufferable!! Though we had to throw it back because of its scrawny size, I fear that Captain Ahab has been reborn in the vision of my sister and her hand line. The QUEST has begun.
Another day at sea. If you have any questions, send us a NOTE through the ‘Live Map’ section and we will try to answer them. Regards to all!


Noon Update #2 — 5 Comments

  1. Hey Dan….glad to see you’re on your way back to the USA…The FAA finally reinstated my medical…after going through re-qualification training, I have returned to Southwest Airlines this month….fair winds and good weather!! Tom Mayo

    • Tom, that is incredibly great news. And about time. You are an asset to any endeavor. I will pass on the news!

  2. Ah, the Goldilocks wind speed. Gotta love it. On smaller boats 8-12 is awesome but I’d imagine 10-15 has got to be near perfect for your boat. Perfection? That wind speed on a beam, unless it’s time for wine and cheese in which case 8-10 would be just right as you sip the Chardonnay:)

    The double reefing bit – bleh!

  3. Congratulations, Laurie!! “Fisherwoman Of The Year” award awaits you! … Glad to hear your journey has smoothed out a bit. Keep up the good work, crew of the mighty Heldeleine! We landlubbers are proud of you! -A&B

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