Heldeleine departs Tomorrow

The Crew and Heldeleine are ready to Go! Tomorrow morning between 9-11 local time (4-6am EDT) we depart Lagos, Portugal bound for Ponta Delgada, Azores.
My crew includes my sister Laurie, my uncle Pete and the Italian newbie Mattia. We have really bonded during the past 2 days of cleaning, provisioning and the many other jobs required prior to departure. Mattia has proven to be a wonderful addition.

The trip should be between 850-950 miles (depending on the sailing route we must take) and take 6-7 days. The routing models from Predictwind are telling us that the winds should be fair and between 8-22 knots for a majority of the passage. Sounds lovely but I simply will prepare for the models being completely wrong.
We will try to post updates from sea and explain more about weather models, satellite communication, life aboard etc.
Watch the live tracker and send along a note by satellite and we will try to respond. Warm regards to you all.


Heldeleine departs Tomorrow — 14 Comments

  1. Dan and Crew–We look forward to living vicariously through you, especially when Maryly and the girls (along with everyone else) arrives! Travel safely! Love, Patti and Scott

  2. Smooth sailing, Dan (even though I know it isn’t going to be smooth, what’s so fun about sailing smooth, eh? – work the problems! 🙂 Bring her home safely, you’re so lucky!

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