Whales and other creatures that swim under us

We have seen many dolphins in the past few days. Some are larger than others. We see them from a distance and then they change course and escort us for 10-20 minutes. They seem to really enjoy riding our bow wave. Darting back and forth and trading places, you can’t help but smile. Yesterday after the large group left, a little guy returned for another couple of rides. Pierre and I liked to think that he was sneaking away from his parents for one last bit of fun. Soon after my Dad and I got on watch this morning we heard the sound of a whale spouting right next to the boat. About 50 feet away an enormous whale surfaced and glided along with us. Holy Shit! At about the same time another whale was crossing our bow and if it had a large fluke it might hit us. I raced to the wheel but it was not necessary, the whale just dove under the boat and circled back to take up position along side Heldeleine. We determined (by using a whale chart aboard) that these were Finback Whales, 2nd largest whale after the Blue Whale. Both of our whales were bigger than Heldeleine’s 50 feet and made us feel rather small out here…They checked us out and then went on their way. Regards to you all. —- This e-mail was delivered via satellite phone using OCENS’s OCENS.Mail software. Please be kind and keep your replies short.


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