Visits from the Heavens

Bongiorno from Sardinia! We had a wonderful time snorkeling yesterday, and little Helen is becoming a veritable fish, learning how to dive deep, and then coming back up to the surface. I am studying up on my Roman history, and have discovered that King Romulus, the founder of Rome, was conceived by a Vestal Virgin and the God Mars. The God Mars supposedly came down to her while she was sleeping, made love to her, then went back to the heavens, where he came from. The Vestal Virgin gave birth to Romulus 9 months later. Where have I heard this story before? Romulus was born in 709 BC. Fascinating!!! I love how history repeats itself. Sounds like Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. We saw a lovely parade last night of the Italian military, Italian political leaders and Italian priests, marcDSCN0509hing with a statue of Mary Maddalena, their Goddess or patron Saint of their town. It was an amazing festival with marching bands and singing.
Great tradition and an amazing festival!


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  1. Mars–Mrs. Marston and Mrs. Criswell would be proud of you brushing up on your Roman history! Enjoy–it sounds and looks like you’re having a blast (now that Maddy’s fine!). Love, Patti (Rose) and Scott

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