Update July 24- Day 17- Our last full day at sea?

We are currently gliding across Georges Bank under engine with not a cloud in the sky and no wind to be had. We are in 70 feet of water. 70 feet! A few hours ago we were in 7,000 feet of water. This bank has proven to be one of the greatest fishing spots on earth. So, you may now ask, where are OUR fish? After losing both hand lines and most of the line from the negotiated Reel sharing accord, this morning we had some rather large ocean beast bend the rod in half and munch through the 120lb test line. Our fishing is now at an end. Sure, Team MATDAN could claim victory but it is not a satisfactory conclusion to an epic struggle. Let’s just agree that the fish won and that our collective efforts over the last 3,000 miles have been anything but stellar. They have been pathetic.
So, with a blush of embarrassment on our cheeks, we venture across a legendary fishing spot to the monotonous drone of the diesel that has accompanied our past 15 hours. Though the faithful diesel has propelled us 100+ miles, we are yearning to be free. This might occur in about 5 hours as wind is predicted to fill in later in the day. A last night of SAILING will be the orders no matter what the wind holds for us. Newport by noon tomorrow? We are close. We are ready. Another update tonight.


Update July 24- Day 17- Our last full day at sea? — 7 Comments

  1. Wow! What a triumphant voyage! We have loved reading your posts along the way. xxoo P&S

  2. Fingers to the forehead, scanning the horizon. Think I see your mast way off in the distance. Love you all and see you soon!!

  3. Good to hear you are doing well and are projected to land on US shores soon. You must be so eager 🙂

  4. Coming down the home stretch. Still going 10 knots. Amazing!! I sent you a What’s App message just now. You look very close to Nantucket—hope you get the message.
    We all miss you. Very glad to see you soon.
    What an adventure!

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