Update July 21-Day 21

How was last night you might ask? The words of Laurie Fink “A Terrible watch. 3 rain squalls with 30 knot gusts followed by no wind, heavy seas breaking over the decks completely drenching us, then at the end there were Rainbows and Dolphins. So…over all…not a bad watch” Kind of sums it up. I might add a bit of lightening on my watch to keep things fun….You try to take the good with the bad and the sea rarely disappoints in both categories. So we continue on the rhumbline for Newport. Winds will increase a little overnight (Always OVERNIGHT…!) and then should ease as we approach the Gulf Stream. I keep mentioning the Gulf Stream and maybe a quick definition for those who asked. The Gulf Stream is a north flowing stream of warm water that originates in the Caribbean and rides up the east coast of the US and Canada at a distance of between 60 and 250 miles from shore. It can be as wide as 60 miles and can have a current exceeding 4 knots. Once past the US and Canada it continues across the North Atlantic and is the reason why Europe (which is on the same latitude as Labrador, Canada) is not a frozen tundra. And here’s a cool history fact. The Gulf Stream was first documented by that polymath, enlightenment genius, Benjamin Franklin while voyaging to Paris. Which reminds me that we are looking forward to landfall in perhaps 4 days with Showers, Shaves and breakfast at Newport’s only ‘Benjamin’s’ Next report in the AM.


Update July 21-Day 21 — 2 Comments

  1. Sorry, Laurie—nasty weather!! No fun to have a watch like that.
    I see you guys are going 10 knots. WTF??
    Can’t you go any faster? I mean really!!
    That Hornblower Captain did not eat his Wheaties this morning. All kidding aside—you guys have travelled at 10 knots for most of the trip!!
    Incredible!!!! Keep it going!!

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