Travelling on Dirt

imageFor the past week we have been travelling inland through Tuscany. Our first stop was the Castello Quattro Torres (4 Towers Castle) a few miles outside Siena. What views, beautiful rooms and wonderful breakfasts. We used this as a base for exploring Siena. Museums and dinners at the Piazza Del Compo. (site of the Palio bareback horse race) Long walks through the city’s various neighborhoods (contrades) with names like the dragons, caterpillars, towers, giraffes, porcupines, turtles etc. These neighborhood each run a horse in the Palio and earn huge bragging rights if they win the twice annual, 400 year old race. We loved Siena. Next up was a stay in the country at a farm with beautiful views and a grand room. It did not suck. Next up was the Hotel San Michele outside Florence (again views!) for a nice stay and a cooking class for the girls with the executive Chef Antillo. We ate the results at lunch (gnocchi and tiramisu!!) prior to driving into Florence for the past next 4 days. Our friends, the Wenberg family (yes, the same Eric Wenberg from our 1st leg across the Atlantic), are also here and we are having a great time together seeing this amazingly ornate city. Checking out museums, climbing to the top of the Duomo and consuming vast quantities of food. It has been wonderful.

We are back to Heldeleine on the 5th for a short cruise to a couple islands and then to Rome. Here are a some photos from the past few days. Regards to all!imageimageimageimageimage




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    • Hey Sue! They seem to be loving the endless audio tours through endless churches with endless treasures. Helen was so upset yesterday when I said that we had to go “Dad, I have 6 more numbers to listen to!” jeez….

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