The Ocean Blue

We are currently enjoying 10-14kts of wind which is propelling us down the course to Gibraltar. Yesterday, after a frustrating day of multiple sail changes: both sails, no main and poled out genoa, down pole and up spinnaker (which lead to an exciting broach for the kids {Pierre and Laurie} due to a sudden wind shift and a big gust to 21kts. The mast did NOT touch the water but Heldeleine DID round up quite smartly allowing for an exciting couple minutes of making things right), down spinnaker, ON engine. Downwind sailing can be a real pain in the ass with a dying wind directly on the stern because the apparent wind is less and the spinnaker does not stay full due the Freakin’ waves that rock the boat and spill out the wind in the sails and cause a WHACK! which makes the skipper write run on sentences in order to explain what happened aboard the flippin’ boat. Early this morning found the kids (on watch) rolling out the sails (with reefs) in 18-21 kts of wind and then turning OFF the engine and getting a boat speed of 9+ kts right down the rhumb. Tom and I were as proud as any parents could be…. All is good at the moment and should remain so until tomorrow night into Tuesday when we are expecting 25-30kts winds veering around to make sailing our course uncomfortable. We shall see. Regards to all! —- This e-mail was delivered via satellite phone using OCENS’s OCENS.Mail software. Please be kind and keep your replies short.


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