Slowly We Go

With very little wind and a dwindling supply of diesel to power our primary engine and the generator, we spent the morning going through various sail changes to keep us moving. Because of the loss of one of our halyards yesterday we are only able to hoist the spinnaker on the starboard side of the mast. This does crimp our downwind ability to sail. So, as the weak wind shifted slightly early this morning, we were forced to lower the spinnaker and put out the pole (which holds out the genoa and allows us to put a sail on both sides of the boat for when the wind to directly behind us). This did not work because there was too little wind. Down came the pole and on came the engine for 4 hours until we found a bit of wind. Out came the mainsail and genoa and now we are sailing at a respectable 5-6kts. Our course is alittle south of the rhumb to Horta, Faial but we will push east and hope for a slight wind shift to allow us to steer direct to the island. Much reading and snoozing has been the order of the day. We have agreed not to talk about the wind or the sea in any way because we suspect that the ‘ocean gods’ do not take kindly to our middle fingers pointed at the sky…. —- This e-mail was delivered via satellite phone using OCENS’s OCENS.Mail software. Please be kind and keep your replies short.


Slowly We Go — 3 Comments

  1. Hello,Dan,

    Courage, you are doing well, more or less 233 miles : 2 or 3 days left before Horta !

  2. When I look at the live map I can’t believe how far you’ve travelled! Great to hear of your travels. I pray to the ocean gods!

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