We have left Heldeleine in Ostia, Italy and have gone up the river about 25 miles (on land and by Taxi) to this small, unassuming city called ROME. We are staying at the Santo Birgitta Convent (I promised my daughters NO jokes at this point) which is wonderfully located and is the same order of nuns that Maddy did a video about in her series called “Voices of Culture”. Watch it on YouTube! Today we saw the Pantheon, walked around for a few hours, rested at the convent and then had dinner along the Tiber.  A few pics:imageimageimage


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  1. Hey Guys, Thanks for the answer and the three photos. We know you will give our best regards to “Frank” (the Pope) when you see him. He will be proud that Maddy is becoming a nun, since she is at home in the convent. This is a hotel I NEVER expected to see Dan sleep in! Have a great time in the Eternal City.
    Love, Your proud Parents

  2. Just caught up on your travels. Wow! and Double Wow!! While we are missing you all (Thanks again for dinner in D.C. (I didn’t forget!)) but love to follow your trip. Thank you for all of your posts. When you come home, I buy dinner and you can tell stories if you like.
    Richie and Barbara Hagen

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