Road to Morocco

After getting our asses kicked twice, Laurie and I are hoping that the third time is the charm. Here’s the plan:
We will depart tomorrow morning at 0500. We will travel at least 100 miles west along the southern coast of Spain until we feel that the wind angle will be good to make the crossing.


It is usually better to SAIL, if you can, in these conditions as the boat is doing what it was designed to do and not trying to be a motorboat bashing into waves. Also, Heldeleine’s hull’s shape is wonderfully fast in most situations but motoring into large waves tends to expose the flat forward part of the hull and this results in crushing shocks that beat up the boat, rigging and crew’s guts.

Laurie and I will avoid that at all costs.
If all goes well we will arrive at Marina Smir, Morocco by noon on Sunday. We will try to update, if possible, along the way.

Sunset at Almerimar


Road to Morocco — 4 Comments

  1. Wow! We’re learning about the perils at sea and the life of a captain from you and it’s so interesting. We are so glad you are being such cautious sailors. Have a safe crossing! Love, Patti and Scott

  2. Great Blog, Dan, and as you might expect, the unexpected seems to weigh heavily on your travels. I’m with you in spirit, but after seeing that picture of the wave breaking on you bow, my stomach is happy to be here in CT. Looking forward to hearing more about Morocco.

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