Returning Home Part 1


On the 17th Maryly and the Girls flew back home from Rome to New York and so ended their 2 month adventure to Europe. It is impossible to sum up all the experiences we have shared together. From Gibraltar to Morocco to Spain and finally to Italy. It is too soon to grasp what we have done. 1,000 miles by boat and much land travel as well. It has been wonderful. There  will be some added bits that the girls have written but that I have not edited and not yet posted. In the meanwhile, some more pics:

Building a bridge at DaVinci Museum

Building a bridge at DaVinci Museum




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  1. Are you guys feeding Helen!!?? Ha ha she looks like she would blow away in the first strong wind… Have loved your posts this summer, there’s nothing like getting out of our country and experiencing other cultures and people to enhance one’s life and understanding of the world, we are all so interconnected. That one trip was worth a few years in school- good for you guys!

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