Rerouting to Cadiz. Spain

Due to the fact that we have been pounding into large seas and 20 kts of wind while freakin’ motoring for the past 5 hours and also only making just 4 kts of boat speed. I have decided to reroute to Cadiz, Spain before we seriously break something or someone. With 48 miles to go to the Strait, we would need 12 hours to get there and face a worsening situation. Cadiz looks like as a good protected port but we have very little information about the town aboard because Rick Steves SPAIN 2015 does not even mention it… So, we are actually pretty excited to check it out. This IS an adventure and that’s the whole point. All of us are safe and in high spirits! Watch the Live Map to see where we end up. Will update later… —- This e-mail was delivered via satellite phone using OCENS’s OCENS.Mail software. Please be kind and keep your replies short.


Rerouting to Cadiz. Spain — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Everyone,

    From what I have read you couldn’t do any better than a visit to Cadiz…very beautiful port and city!

    I’m sure you have already calculated how to get from Cadiz to Gibraltar but if you haven’t here is some info you could use:

    Distance from Cadiz to Gibraltar is more than to Seville and by car (75.2 miles/121 km) would take about 2 hours. If you wanted to do the trip it would be possible to arrange a driver with car but possibly cost €300 (wild guess)

    The buses are not a major help either. Although depending on how long you spend in Cadiz. If you have plenty of time you can just take public buses to La Linea and then walk over the border from La Linea bus station and you can either walk into Gib or take one of the local tours run by Blands. They are waiting to pounce as you pass through Gibratar entry point on foot. Or indeed you can take one of Gibraltar’s local buses from the stop near the border.

    Really looking forward to seeing my dear one in Prague!

  2. Hi Hon,
    Got Dan’s message earlier..very smart going to Cadiz. Sent above comment…just in case you needed it. Have fun in Cadiz…supposed to be a beautiful port city.
    I love you and can’t wait to see you in Prague! Big hugs to you, Laurie and Dan, the wise Captain Hornblower.

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