Pierre arrived as a newbie to ocean sailing. A couple days into the trip he was pulling his own watch and starting to fix stuff aboard. The Satellite Phone was the first of many challenges and he was as patient as possible with the aged Captain’s very flat learning curve. Most things electrical or internet based were his forte and he remained the best of companions through all the French and youngster jokes (only one situation I envied….). He learned lightning-quick and left Tom, Max and me stuttering a bit. He was the best crew that I could have chosen. Many thanks to Pierre for making this voyage possible. Without his Nutella-filled grin and tremendous attitude, life would have been much lonelier aboard Heldeleine. A friend for life, I sure hope. Thanks Pierre!IMG_2859 IMG_2812 IMG_2987 IMG_2812


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    • Peut-être quvnmfecti’efeet c’est moi qui y attache trop d’importance et que eux ça ne les gênera nullement dans leur vie. En fait je l’espère.@ galinette: Dans les faits c’est ça. Mais toute mon problème est de savoir si c’est suffisant…

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