oops…did not make it.

We are now in Alicante, Spain. Things were going beautifully yesterday and most of last night but during Maryly’s 3 hour watch (during which she dodged a 900 foot cruise ship and a 700 foot tanker while I slept blissfully unaware 4 feet away in the cockpit!) the wind shifted and the sea state went to Hell. I knew there was a ‘system’ between the Balearics and Sardinia but the projections underestimated the choppy ride. After suffering through a long night in the Strait of Gibraltar, it was an easy and safer decision to divert to Alicante and fight the battle another day. the girls watched Indiana Jones movies over night in the master cabin and slept through most of the worst of it. Alicante has some cool ruins and an old town where we hope to have Tapas tonight. Will report later. All safe. Regards to all.


oops…did not make it. — 4 Comments

  1. Bravo to Maryly for being a prudent mariner and observing the rule of gross tonnage in dodging the cargo and cruse ship. When teaching my sailing students I call it the ‘big ass boat rule’ 😉 We routinely avoid car carriers and container ships in Baltimore harbor…

  2. “Big Ass” indeed. These ships are routinely up to 1,100 feet long. They Turn slowly and take a few miles to stop. When we see the length on our AIS unit it wakes you up to think what 400 METERS works out to be! She did a great job!

  3. Wow!! Mars, you have quite a new skill to add to the long list of ones you already have–I’m impressed! Ten un buen viaje en Alicante!
    –Love, Patti and Scott

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