Off to the Balearics

In the morning we are off to the Balearic Islands. We will do the trip in 2 legs since the total mileage is 400+ miles and I have been warned to NOT do more than an overnight at a time or face some ahh …..resistance. ¬†First leg is overnight to Cabi de Gata where we will anchor for the night (sleep?) and then get on the road again on Wednesday for another overnight to Formentera Island in the Balearic Island group. I think we are looking forward to some swimming off the back of the boat and maybe a beach or two. After a hot day (it’s amazing that even though the temp exceeded 120 degrees in the Desert, I felt miserably hot today in the marina with no wind and 85 degrees..) I am missing Moimagerocco a bit. It really is a unique and amazing culture and country. We will be back. I will write more about Morocco later. So, hopefully there will be some WIFI in the next few days and I will do some updates. Regards to you all.


Off to the Balearics — 2 Comments

  1. Have a safe and enjoyable journey! If you get too hot, come West as we’re mired in our summer weather–nothing but fog!– Love, Patti and Scott

  2. Dear Dan, Mars, Maddie and Helen,

    It’s great to hear that you are sailing again instead of riding camels, etc. Having the anchor in action will probably be VERY useful in the islands. I am having fun telling Atlantic Crossing Stories to friends. (It’s hard making us look heroic when we had such fun.) Prague was terrific and all went well. I stood on Mozart’s podium at Don Giovanni. He was obviously shorter than I, but somewhat more talented.

    Keep in touch and have a great adventure! Love, Max and Ginger (‘rents)

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