Ode to Julia

So before the best sister/daughter returns to her role as incredible scribe of the ship, she (me) has to acknowledge someone who’s been watching our every move. Last year a certain person read every post, saw every picture memorized each destination. (NOT a stalker, or an alien bent on destroying the human race, one cruiser at a time, by the way) this person is Julia Graham, my mom’s flute student and a very good friend. When I got back home last year, she would make references about wherever we went, stuff I’ve forgotten even happened. From her laptop screen, she’s sailed through Europe with us, as have all of you people reading this right now, and just like Julia, you deserve some credit. You’ve sat through all the exciting and desperately boring blogs, watched our progress, and followed the boat around the giant bathtub. Thank you for being interested to explore with us. It’s nice to know that the people back at home aren’t just playing PAC MAN on their smart phones like most of the boring population, but being smart and awesome people who read about our crazy trip. Thank you.

So now!! My first thoughts on Italy!!! There are a lot of smells. Not good or bad smells, just smells. The endimage


Ode to Julia — 5 Comments

  1. Helen–We’re so happy to see you are ready to record your adventures for all of us here at home! Enjoy!!! Love to you and your whole Culpepper Clan—Patti and Scott

  2. Rose and Scott–thank you so much for commenting. Helen inspires us all. We visited Positano today, and have now parked the boat in Amalfi. I believe you guys had your honey moon here? Gorgeous weather right now–love to you all!! Ciao bellos!!!

  3. What a motley looking crew, Ha ha – And the trip has hardly begun! Sorry to hear about the sail problems Uncle Dan – – I’m sure maintaining a boat is even worse abroad than at home. We head to PB in the morning to see how expensive our own BOAT will be this year! Have fun & be safe, we’ll be off the grid the rest of the month of August too. Cheers AS

  4. What a great looking crew! So glad things are going better. Is the jib roller reefing at all fixable?
    We send our love to you all,
    Ginger and Max

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