Noon Update- July 18- Day 12

Today’s update is about life aboard and the effects of wind and sea state. So, it is goodbye to the days of smelling the proverbial flowers and hello to hard on the wind sailing in the ocean. We will be in a crescendoing period for the next 3 days, reaching a peak early Sunday morning with forecast 20-25+ knots as we begin exiting the Gulf Stream. Currently winds are 15-20 from the SSW in an uncomfortable sea state. When people talk about the amount of wind it is always important to remember the sea state. It is the difference between a flat fast exciting ride and a bumpy, banging, unpredictable ride. We are preparing for entering the later and starting to adjust things aboard. On a practical level we will be on port tack and all objects on the left side of the boat that can fly or slide across need to be secured. Think of the boat inverted. Then again, let’s NOT think about the boat inverted. Off watch crew will find sleeping less comfortable (heeling to starboard, even 10-15 degrees, causes you to roll and must be thought about before you have that dream about ‘Wheeee…. I’m rolling down the beautiful lawn and then I’m hitting a big rock’) and starting to move around more strategically. Just pouring cereal into a bowl was super exciting this morning. Then There is On Watch. I just got off of 4 hours at the wheel and in these building conditions you are ready for a break. Mattia is there now and let’s hear it for youth, he is smiling and just gave me a thumbs up! I love this crew. Even the old parents aboard seem tough nuts to crack. Last night Laurie watched Pete topple off the windward cockpit seat and then bounce back up with a grunt and resume his watch. We are always in life vests and headlamps at night but for the next couple nights we will be adding a tether to fixed points in the cockpit and tricks at the wheel will be 1/2 hour on and 1/2 off with your partner. This is a marathon not a sprint. I guess this is why we are here. Mileage was 175 the last 24 hours. More to come.


Noon Update- July 18- Day 12 — 5 Comments

  1. Ugh. You are in the thick of it.
    Bang, bang, bang goes the hull. This is why I am not a sailor. I much prefer going port to port!!
    You are so positive, Dan! Even in these conditions, you are so upbeat!—truly amazing.
    And your crew too! Sounds like you guys are being safe. Merde to all of you!!!

  2. From Pulton Bay – our winds have been gale force with 5′ seas in the Johnston Straights for 4 days now. I can stay at the cabin and just watch it from shore. I sincerely don’t envy you & your crew and think you are all incredibly brave. Hang in there! and hang on! best of luck…
    Sincerely AS

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