Noon Update July 17- Day 10

We are past the halfway point between Horta and Newport with a mere 1100 miles to go. As you can see on our tracking, it has been a circuitous route to this spot. We have been forced this far south to avoid the high pressure system that kept drifting south. With winds in a clockwise rotation, the bottom of this high pressure system has provided us with winds from the east but only by adding hundreds of miles to the rhumbline. But hey, we knew that this was not going to be a cakewalk this time of year. Especially going this way. And so far we have sailed ever mile of this trip.
On the fishing front there was tragic news from Team Petaurie a couple mornings ago as their hand-line unspooled overnight with a complete loss of all their line. As astute readers will remember this is exactly what happened to the legendary Team MATDAN (2-time fish catching team champions….). Both teams have made peace with the fact that no foul play was involved and they now just assume that a very large whale named Wally, who has been following us closely, is the responsible party. With only the ship’s rod and reel remaining some extremely sensitive negotiations were begun to broker a peaceful settlement. With the involvement, by SAT Phone, of ex-UN secretary Boutros Boutros-Ghali, a framework of cooperation has been signed. The provisions of the Fishing And Reel Treaty II or F.A.R.T. II, mandates that the ship’s Rod and Reel will be shared by both teams on alternating days with the great, magnanimous and most humble Team MATDAN taking odd days and the fish less Team Petaurie to try their luck on even days. We are currently broad reaching for home at 7 knots. Tally Ho!!


Noon Update July 17- Day 10 — 6 Comments

  1. Good to hear from you dad! Just don’t loose your leg and chase after Wally the whale for the rest of your life???????

  2. so Dan, they can take the boy out of Jersey but not the Jersey out of the boy – love the edgy humor and sarcasm; I don’t hear much of it down here south of the Mason Dixon. Native Marylanders think I’m too ‘direct’ and are never quite sure what to make of my humor, so reading your posts constitue a treat for me – you have me in stitches! thank you:)

  3. Dan—your pros are hilarious—writing a book about sailing might be in your future.
    The apple does not fall far from the tree: Helen—your description of a one-legged Hornblower going after Wally the whale—the vision that comes to mind is extremely colorful.
    So very sad to lose the use of one of your fishing polls! Best of luck with the difficult winds ahead of you. I think you will miss the brunt of it.
    Cheers to the brave and intrepid crew of the Heldeleine!!
    ❤️Martian ?

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