Noon Update July 12, 2018

After heading SW since we left on Sunday, we have finally made the turn to the west. I am hoping that we are sufficiently below the high pressure to our north to give us a nice ride to the west. Currently we are in 15-20kts from the NE in 6-8 foot rolling seas. Harry, our autohelm, is bothered by the confused wave patterns and we are hand steering our 4 hour day watches (Andres did a 5 hours stint this morning!). The sky is beyond beautiful with a Wedgewood Blue and porcelain white clouds. There have been losses to both fishing teams overnight. Team MATDAN suffered the total loss of all handline fishing tackle. “Somehow” it untied itself from the aft pulpit and spooled itself into the sea. We are not implying that there was foul play involved. We would be the last people to cast aspersions on our competitors and except the fact that we must go to our backup rod and reel to retain the crown. Meanwhile Team Laurete somehow managed to wrap there line around the rudder in the middle of the night (confirmed by GoPro waterproof camera). Just as the captain was becoming excited with thoughts of wetsuits, Cold Atlantic water and giant sharks , the line miraculously sprung free and all was well in the world. Total miles since Horta is 536 with 130 in the last 24 hours.
Please keep the comments and notes to us on board coming. Any specific question you would like answered please go to Live Map on the website and send us a note. Bye for now!


Noon Update July 12, 2018 — 1 Comment

  1. You’re doing it! Woohoo!! Cast aspersions aside, it sounds like you all having an amazing adventure. SO IMPRESSED!! xoxoxo

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