Noon Update- Friday the 13th

We have travelled 651 miles since leaving Horta. Not all of these miles have been towards our destination and we have at least 1500 miles to go. Things aboard are rather pleasant at this time. The sun is bright and the sea is an amazing blue. We are sailing under spinnaker alone making a sedate 6 knots with a slight rolling motion. Most of the crew is asleep and those awake are in a drowsy state. We had a rare ship sighting this morning. A 1,000 foot bulk carrier crossed our bow at about 2 miles. We saw the ship on the A.I.S. at 25 miles and so were very much aware of its presence. But that was this morning and we are now back to empty horizons in all directions. Dinner last night was the Mahi Mahi caught by Team Matdan. It was prepared to perfection by Mattia in an stew of vegetables on a bed of couscous. Tonight will be the remnants of last night’s meal in a Ragu of rice. We are obviously in no fear of scurvy or starvation anytime soon. Westward Ho!!!


Noon Update- Friday the 13th — 5 Comments

  1. Dan–you are doing your passion and what makes you tick and breathe! This is what you live for! Do it!!!
    The girls and I went to the Incredibles 2 movie last night—absolutely hilarious movie.
    We are enjoying the summer Immensely. Great weather—Helen is Ophelia in a big scene from Hamlet.
    Maddy working at the historical society, and loving it.
    I had 3 new flute students yesterday, and will be teaching a theory class next week and I start gardening today.
    We are truly blessed. Enjoy your sail!!!

  2. Hello crew!! Incredible that you saw another ship!
    Sounds like Mattie is a creative chef!
    Your boating conditions sound good.
    Our Maddy is going to a soccer game with Brad and Helen and I are cleaning out play room.
    Have a wonderful day!!
    Your landlubbers supportive family!!

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