Noon Update #4 -The Fish War takes a Surprising Turn!

As the Red Watch was replacing the White Watch early this morning, Laurie said “Whoa!” and I heard the sound of the Red Watch’s fishing line playing out at speed and there was a victory and a fish to be had! I started to reel the monster in and as it was predawn and dark, I could just make out the shape as I finally brought the beast aboard. What type of fish you might ask? Well, it was a rare one indeed. It was a….wait for it….it was a RUBBER CHICKEN!!! Yup, a customized Rubber Chicken courtesy of Kevin Fink, Laurie’s devious husband. Written on the Chicken was ‘Expecting a Fish? This is Chicken of the Sea’ and ‘Take me to America’ and #caughtsomething and finally ‘trademark KFINK’. This was seriously funny stuff and perfectly executed. We reset the ‘bait’ and had Mattia reel the chicken in when he arrived in the cockpit. Well Done Kevin! This will be the stuff of legend! It was bought hook, line and sinker! My only consolation is that the Chicken was vastly, one might say stupendously larger then Laurie’s poor, little, microscopic tuna.
As for the boat… we travelled 138 miles noon to noon with 191 miles to go. Last night was dry but cold which was all good with us compared to the moist environment of the past few days. Life aboard is good. We shared a French toast breakfast this morning and are now discussing a change of destination. Stay tuned!


Noon Update #4 -The Fish War takes a Surprising Turn! — 5 Comments

  1. Haha, this is funny! I like the “take me to America” inscription. Brillient! Glad you all find the time to play funny tricks on one another 🙂

  2. You had us roaring with laughter (and could we ever use the levity right now)! We’re so glad you are all enjoying your voyage! Xxoo P&S

  3. Oh that is the best “fish story” ever!!! Laurie, your husband is definitely a “keeper” with that sense of humor…Have un and hope the next ones a nice albacore…Can’t wait to hear about your version of the Azores, as it’s high on the bucket list!!! XOJ

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