Noon Updat- July 10,2018

All crew are healthy and safe. We had a pleasant enough overnight. Harry Helmsley, our auto pilot, has been erratic and we are trying today to fix him. We had the spinnaker flying yesterday afternoon for 6 hours. It was beautiful. But Just las in Fashion where some outfits should not be worn out at night, so it is that the spinnaker is not evening wear aboard Heldeleine. Reason for this is that there are too many variables at night with a spinnaker flying. If the wind would increase to 15 kts ++ it would be difficult and dangerous to be on the foredeck in the dark lowering the flapping beast while it bruised you and then flung you overboard. Cool and calm is the goal in lower the spinnaker. So, down at night and back up at sunrise. We have accomplished our goal to sail down to 35 degrees north latitude. The plan at this point is to sail west on i35 for the next 700 miles. But the weather models we are getting via satellite should only be trusted for 5 days so….we will be flexible and change plans as we go. So far, so good. Noon to Noon mileage was 130, added to the first day’s 148, we are 278 miles but since we have gone SW not directly to Newport, we have a few more miles to go…. Request from Crew. Please send World Cup scores!!


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  1. Love you travelers!!! Glad to hear things are well. Should I believe the fish was larger than Laurie’s? Laurie, do you want to weigh in on the size of Dan’s fish??
    Keep fishing, miss you all.

  2. Just a minor correction, as France has not won the World Cup, but a place in the final on Sunday. Croatia beat England (smile) last evening in overtime 2-1 so will be in the final as well. fun tidbit…A country that was a little over 4,5million people in the final, and passionate play and celebration. Should be an interesting match, though the Croatian team has had three consecutive overtime wins, and has 2 days less rest for the final. Bet that’s lots more than you wanted to know;-) Will let you know that final Sunday afternoon CET. Would rather be where you are, so vicarious enjoyment keeping up with your posts. XOJ

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