Mud, mud, noxious, sulfurous MUD

imageimageAfter being waylaid in Alicante due to sea conditions, we finally made it overnight to the tiny island of Espalmador. The anchorage there is a national preserve (seagrass) and anchoring is not allowed so you must rent a mooring online, for a lot of money, in advance, while in Spain (not the US). For all of that we were expecting a tranquil setting but….many, many boats wedged into a small space and seagrass was less of a concern than making money. That said, it is a really lovely place and because of that, SOME control must be instituted. Apparently prior to the moorings, boats went bump in the night frequently. Beach was beautiful but we came for the MUD. In the center of the islanimaged is a mud field. Thanks to Paulimage imageand Sheryl Shard and their cruising video series ‘Distant Shores’ for the info. on this gem. Sulfurous, stinky, not-your-spa, MUD. But full of….minerals! Yup, minerals and other shit that stinks. Well, lather up we did and how healthy and righteous we felt. Let it dry and then run to the beach and GET THIS STUFF OFF. But pictures tell the tale and if you put your nose in a 5 day old athletic sock you’ll get the full treatment.



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  1. Hello Mudder, Hello Fadder…Hilarious! So glad we can’t smell this post. Fantastic visuals, though. xoxo Pam

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