Morning update 5/27

It was a glorious sail for most of the night as we had about 14 kts of wind and semi-flat seas. We were heading northeast at 6 kts. What’s not to love? The wind diminished slowly and by morning we had only about 5 kts of wind and we were moving at a non-tesla speed of 2.6 knots. So, on goes the motor and now we will move directly into the wind and get back closer to the rhumb. See us moving south in the next few hours. We will hope for a wind shift to the north or northwest to save the day. The crew seems happy and content but I always have an ear out for rumbles of Mutiny. Still no fish caught but on the bright side… no birds either. —- This e-mail was delivered via satellite phone using OCENS’s OCENS.Mail software. Please be kind and keep your replies short.

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