Major Fishing Team Rebranding Announced

Team Laurete has official announce at this afternoon press conference aboard S/V Heldeleine that they will be rebranding in a desperate attempt to regain some Fishimg Mojo. The new Team Petaurie will retain most of their old management team with the exception of Lure Sucko who will be leaving after repeated dismal performance reviews. Lure states that he is looking forward to spending more time with his Sucko wife and the little Sucko kids. Team MATDAN wishes the new Team Petaurie nothing, but good wishes.


Major Fishing Team Rebranding Announced — 2 Comments

  1. Pam–You are so Awesome!!
    Dan–you are doing your passion and what makes you tick and breathe! This is what you live for! Do it!!!
    The girls and I went to the Incredibles 2 movie last night—absolutely hilarious movie.
    We are enjoying the summer Immensely. Great weather—Helen is Ophelia in a big scene from Hamlet.
    Maddy working at the historical society, and loving it.
    I had 3 new flute students yesterday, and will be teaching a theory class next week and I start gardening today.
    We are truly blessed. Enjoy your sail!!!

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