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  1. Guess you didn’t. I am addicted to following you guys, and you have only been gone for 6 hours. This tracking map is very cool. The storm is lessening off of the Carolinas. Hope the view of Manhattan is spectacular! Bon Voyage!

  2. Thank you for having us along for the ride! Safe journey. I have a long list of things I need from Europe!

  3. How was your night? We have been following your sail with great interest and it looks like you are heading exactly as planned!

  4. Following you through the wonders of technology. Have a wonderful & safe voyage, Dan! Later, lets work on getting together to hear the stories of your journey!


  5. The hearty sea voyagers are making fast progress. We hope your stomachs are peaceful and you are enjoying the great adventure! Will join you soon in Bermuda.

    Max (the old man soon to be at sea)

  6. Hello Commenters on the SailingHeldeleine site,
    Greetings from Dan’s sister. I have established contact with the boat via text. They cannot see your posts since they go through the Inreach tracker on the website live map. I have forwarded each of your comments to them via text, which I am sure will warm their hearts, along with the Gulf Stream waters.


  7. Tues., 5-12-15,9:10 a.m. – Hi, Capt. Dan &Crew…We are following your progress. Thanks for the great website! Looks like about 100 miles remain to your first port. Hope you felt few effects from the storm! Smooth sailing! Our love, -A&B

  8. May 22 – Hey, Capt. Dan. Just wanted you to know we’ll be doing the WAVE tonight in your honor. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you’re sharing something special with your crew tonight! Our love, A&B

  9. Memorial Day – From your live map it looks like you are still headed in the right direction! Hope Max’s back is doing better and all is going well!

  10. Hi guys- you are still in the midst of nowhere. And all these strange animals under your boat?!! Hope you get some good wind, blowing in the right direction so you can get close to where humans are supposed to be– on land!!
    Hope all i well.
    Love isolde

  11. June 2- Looks like you are sneaking up on the Azores. Yea!! Thanks for sharing your daily adventures with us. You’ve done a great job at being prepared for anything and being good at improvising as needed. Hope there are no more sail surprises. Once you have Laurie on board, maybe she can knit a back-up mainsail if needed. (Sorry, Laurie. That was meant as a compliment.) Smooth sailing in the days ahead, -A&B

  12. Max and family I wish you all well on this momentous journey! May the wind be at your back and saltwater in your face. Blow boaters have always mean a concern of motorized boaters (I was on a houseboat for 2 years). However, you have plenty of space out on the briny and will not get in the way of the tugs or ocean liners as they breeze on by.

    Have a wonderful trip and be sure to see the sights!


  13. When will you be heading to Gibraltar? Just curious, I thought you would be leaving Santa Maria today and sailing to Gibraltar!

  14. Hello mon PA et ses collègues ! J’espere que vous vous éclatez comme il se doit et que tout va bien, que le voyage n’est pas trop dur ni trop long mais dans ces cas là, j’ose espérer que ce n’est jamais ennuyeux… Bientôt en Europe, faites attention, ils traquent les migrants en ce moment ! lol
    à très vite 😉 Biz

  15. Dan–on my Live Map, I am not able to send you private texts. The icon is gone.
    Are you still going fast in 20 knot wind?

  16. What great progress you have made. We are happily following you on the live map. We think of you every day!

  17. Welcome to beautiful Cadiz! Sounds like a very smart decision to alter your plan. It’s good to be flexible! – A&B

  18. June 21- Capt. Dan & Crew: CONGRATULATIONS to you all on your magnificent achievement of reaching your goal in Gibraltar! Loved seeing Laurie’s two videos on e-mail via Pam. Can’t wait to see more pics and hear some more oceanic tales! Love to all, A&B

  19. Dan,

    We are glad to see you are making real progress in the Med. Eager to see what you find in the islands!

    Love, Dad and Mom

  20. Dear Culpepper adventurers,

    Bueno Dias from Padre Culpepper. Como Esta Ustead? Mucho Espagnol! You will all be able to talk to the gardeners when you get home. Have a happy time and keep in touch. We love to read all of your reports…..especially from the senoritas on board! Love, Los Parentas

  21. Hi Brave Culpeppers,

    We are following your course across the Med and are impressed by Mars’ ability to dodge tankers, container ships and submarines at night. What a great adventure. I am having fun telling everyone about our “Cross the Atlantic”

    trip. They are impressed by my son’s leadership and sailing ability, as am I. Have a great time in the Balearics. I look forward to hearing your upcoming adventures. Love, Dad (and Mom)

  22. Culpepper Voyagers, Looks like a big jump to the Big island..Mallorca. Keep everybody awake and enjoy the visit…the last one in Spain. Next stop…. France (Corsica)! Tempest Figit.. Rome here we come….Enjoy!!!
    Love, Dad and Mom (the non rocking part of the family)

  23. Hi Dan and Family, You are really making time. Sardinia here we come! Now you can practice speaking Italian, instead of Spanish. Next stop Corsica and you can speak French. Go Maryly! We are enjoying your recent messages. Keep it up. Love, Dad and Mom

  24. Dear Voyaging Culpeppers, I see you are landed at Sassan in Sardinia. Way to go! We look forward to your next log entry for your fans.Your trip has certainly not been the average summer vacation.There will be plenty of stories to tell in the pit when you get home at the end of the summer. We want to hear them all! Love, M and G,M and D, G and G

  25. Dear Dan and Family, It looks like you like Sardinia! Have fun and be sure to visit Pope Frank when you get to Rome. Love, Dad and Mom

  26. Hi Culpeppers, It seems that you have arrived in mainland Italy this morning. Will you now head to Florence via land travel and give Helde a rest? Be sure to say hello to the Borgia family for us! Enjoy the hotel’s hot showers and keep in touch, OK? Love, Dad and Mom

  27. Dear Dan, Maryly, Maddy and Helen, Where are you? Heldeleine seems to be ensconced in a slip in the port in Italy. Are you roaming Rome or flouncing around Florence? (or somewhere else?) Your fans clamber to know! Have a good time and let us know what’s happening to our favorite vagabonds. Love, Dad and Mom

  28. Hi Culpeppers, The whole family is turning into Pizz
    ons. Laurie and Kevin live in Milan and The “Culpeppers of Stamford” are now Flouncing in Florence. We are buying huge quantities of spaghetti so we can host you all when you get home.Cindy and Roger are now high on fish and chips and Irish stew. Only Pam is still dining on her usual diet of Mac and Cheese!(A true American dish!)

    Meanwhile, the old folks who founded this traveling circus are just trying to remember where everyone is at any given time! At least, we will all try to meet at Captain Dan’s at Thanksgiving for pizza and wine. Love,M and G

  29. Hi Culpeppers,
    We’re glad to hear from you and about your adventures in Tuscany. Florence is one of our favorite places! Have a smooth passage to Rome and look out for gypsies. They are amazingly good pickpockets!

    Keep in touch. Love, The ‘Rents

  30. Dear Culpeppers of Italy,
    Whatsa matta you no send messages, stories and photos to youra familia? We are stuck here ina boring NH waiting to heara somma news. Putta your fingers ona the computer and writta your momma and poppa somma funny stuff….OK? Love, The ‘Rents (related by blood to the Jerry Colonna family and the old sod of Italia)

  31. Dan, Now that you have left the “Eternal City” and are heading South past the famous volcano that buried Pompei, I suggest you stay off shore for a while! Lava and fireballs can ruin your nice paint job.
    Keep in touch! Love, Dad and Mom

  32. Dan, Now that you have left the “Eternal City” and are heading South past the famous volcano that buried Pompei, I suggest you stay off shore for a while! Lava and fireballs can ruin your nice paint job.
    Keep in touch! Love, Dad and Mom Grandma and Grandpa

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  36. Dear Dan and Laurie,

    We see that you are on the southern tip of Sardinia now. Is there a way that we can hear how things are going so far. You are on our minds constantly. Be careful and keep a good watch on each other!


    Dad and Mom

  37. Dan and Laurie–have not heard anything from you guys. Karen is staying with kids for next couple of days. Been informed that Suzanne has 2 to 5 days left. Can you confirm that you have received this? I go to CA tomorrow. I am leaving van at house, in case Uncle Pete and Will need it to get home from airport. The kids are doing well. Maddy is in charge. Have safe travels and may the wind be at your backs!!! ??

  38. Dan and Laurie–last night, at 9:15 PM Pacific time, Suzanne LaFollette Culley blasted off.
    ( she always liked the words: blast off.) If you guys saw a large shooting star in the early morning–it was her. She died in my arms and the arms of her grand-daughters, Sue Sue and Reyna.
    It looks like you guys are making head way, and moving towards Spain. So very proud of you.

  39. Dan and Laurie,

    It looks like you have reversed course back to Spain. We hope you have not encountered bad weather or boat damage. We are pulling for you to get an East wind for an easy reach to Marina Smir. Take care of each other. We love you.

    Dad and Mom

  40. Laurie; Ahoy to you & the Culpeppers from Mike’s Bar & Marina in Virginia Beach! Wishing you & your shipmates fair seas & following winds! I am going to try & get “Captain Fink” out on my boat this weekend. Our trip may not be quite as epic as yours, but we will make every effort to be as awesome as you guys! Enjoy Spain!

  41. Hi Dan. First time checking out your trip. WOW! I used to think my 2000 mile drive from NJ to Aspen every June was an adventure. Well, not really. Looking forward to following your progress in the coming weeks. All the best with the trip—Ray, and Mase Family

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