July 22- DAY 15 (I can’t seem to get these days right…)- THE CURRENT SITUATION

Currently we are heading northwest in 18 knots of wind going a whopping 4.5 freakin’ knots. WTF. Let me discuss last night and then our current thinking on this subject. The winds DID increase slightly to 22-25 knots as our current forecast had said. But what the current forecast did not say was that we would be entering the goddamn Gulf Stream 450 miles from he east coast. Actually we did not enter the main NORTHBOUND stream but one of the many eddies that send the current to the SOUTHEAST. So, our boat log speed (a little spinning wheel under the boat) said that we were currently traveling at 5.5 knots (the boat log is usual 2 knots slow and should really be 7.5 knots) THROUGH THE WATER but the GPS Chartplotter said we were doing 4.5 knots over the SURFACE OF THE EARTH. The current was costing us 3 knots of boat speed. Pretend you are in a row boat rowing your sweet tuchas off and the stream you are in is moving backwards faster than you can currently row. Not very pleasing to be working so hard, with water rushing by you, when you are being robbed of your gain by something as swell as a current. So there we have our fearless crew, sailing their little hearts out, pure of intention, the model of seaman-like rectitude (What ?), gallantly attempting to sail their small craft home to their loved ones who at that exact moment were craning their wee little necks to the east from Widow’s Walks up and down the eastern seaboard for a mere glimpse of a white sail in the distance but NO, I say, NO, WE the objects of their love and devotion will not be stymied from our sacred mission by a nasty, rotten and dare I say it, GODLESS fucking current. Newport by Thanksgiving.


July 22- DAY 15 (I can’t seem to get these days right…)- THE CURRENT SITUATION — 6 Comments

  1. So….how many hours have you all been working at this? when is the next rest stop? this is an Amazing voyage!

  2. At this rate, we will make sure to keep a slip warm for you in time for Christmas. We’ll all ice fish and wait for your arrival with handkerchiefs.
    From your Girls!!
    ( we saw John Kleese in Brooklyn—highly entertaining). We just got back home. Merde!!

  3. Well that was certainly an entertaining entry to the logbook, but hoping for you it ends sooner than later so you can aim for all the festivities that are surely being planned for your arrival;-)
    Happy sailing, and my the current be with you! (soon)

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