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The moon has risen dead ahead. It is a sliver of silver, I am so lucky to be here. Helen just arrived. Damn, I love this. View the location or send a reply to Daniel Culpepper: Daniel Culpepper sent this message from: Lat 38.41567 Lon 0.420635 Do not reply directly to this message. This message was sent to you using the DeLorme inReach two-way satellite communicator with GPS. To learn more, visit


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    • Member States that support the treaty including USA have the responsibility to deal with only legitimate state governments. Mexican drug gangs, jihadists… what's the dif?creneefObama just makes me sick.

  1. So wonderful to read your updates, especially *as they happen*! So thankful to be carried along on your adventures and journeys. Looking forward to more pictures too!! 🙂

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