In Cadiz for another day

We are weather bound in Cadiz, Spain. The wind in the Strait of Gibraltar is once again blowing from the east and with the current flowing permanently to the East (I know, weird, but there it is…) the seas have been reported to be extremely nasty. The winds in the marina reached 30 kts last night. But we are well protected. So here we are in one on the oldest towns in Europe. Lots of character and charm. But this has now become an issue with crew departures. We might lose Pierre today… More about that later because the crew will start weeping if I talk about it now…Schedules are dangerous things aboard a boat. But Hey, life is good. Sleeping well and eating even better. What’s not to love…?



In Cadiz for another day — 1 Comment

  1. I get it, forget about sailing when you can be a beautiful port city. Just kidding, sorry the weather is not cooperating with you but that’s the nature of sailing! Enjoying the pictures….Max must have taken them but would it be possible to send one of him also? If the weather continues to be nasty, what will happen about getting to Gibraltar? Keep having fun captain and crew!

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