Hello from Santa Maria, Azores.

We are safely cocooned in the little harbor of Vila do Porto on Santa Maria Islnd in the Azores. We were 5 days from Lagos and we had a bit on everything. High winds, steep waves, clouds, rain and a bit of sun. What we did not have was the sound of our main engine because we sailed the entire way. All 825 miles. Sweet! We have just returned from walking up a steep road to the town where we had a simple and delicious meal. We are staying here through tomorrow night when we will leave around 8:30pm for an overnight sail to Ponta Delgada on Sao Miquel Island which is only about 60 miles away. Tomorrow we have a guide taking us around the island to see the uniqueness of this unexpected stop. Sleep should be very easy for the crew tonight. Best regards to all.


Hello from Santa Maria, Azores. — 6 Comments

  1. Happy Father’s Day Dad! and you too Dan, not you Laurie, that’d we weird. and Mattia I don’t know you so maybe? Glad you guys had such a great first leg. See you soon

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