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How to sum up this trip? There’s really no way. As I sit on the airplane bound for home, I’m too choked up and far too lazy to find the right words. But how’s this: I’ve bonded with my wonderful sister to learn she’s even more wonderful. I’ve grown to adore my great uncle Pete, Will, and Cassie. I’ve learned to be thankful at the amount of work my father puts into making our family the best it can be, and I’ve felt the annoying love of my amazing mom throughout our journey. I’ve seen the echoes of past humanity and realized the full spectrum of all life eternally on earth. I’ve felt the kindness of strangers, and the not-so-kindness of strangers. I’ve become proud of who I am and thankful for my experiences.

Oh god, that was sappy. I think I got my feet stuck in the ooze of gratefulness. If I die here on the plane of being too sentimental bury me somewhere with Pringles.
But as much as I’m ashamed to say it, that was all true. However if you want the simple version here goes:
No fish in ocean, all dead. People are nice but sometimes not. My family is boss. There is a lot of stuff in Rome. SO MUCH VIRGIN MARY AND JESUS. I am lucky. I should draw more. I like Pringles. Pigs fly. Cats don’t like muffins. Reality is an illusion.
Ok, so I took some liberties with the end, but most of it’s true!!!!!!! Kind of…… Anyways, thanks so much for following my family and me, these blogs would just be digital trash without you. Your dedication is much appreciated.
So that’s it, signing out, best blond kid with sarcasm.

P.S. There are a lot of smells on this plane. The end.,



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  1. Helen,

    I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed your blog! Very creative, articulate, interesting and so well written. You have an amazing talent. I see journalism in your future : )

    Hope you keep writing!

    – Chris (aka Willie’s mom)

  2. Helen honey you are so talented, your writing is so impressing. I’m so proud to have been part of your life even though it was for a little period of time.
    We miss you so much, Ivan and I always remember you and your family as the best part of our lives in the States.
    Hope to see you in December.
    Love you

  3. Helen,

    I was excited each time I saw an update to the blog, when Cassie and Will were aboard. I would text Cassie after each post, commenting on how wonderfully written each post was. It was only after they returned home that I got “permission” to comment on the blog in real time.

    Thank you for your wonderful writing that made it feel like I was out there with you. I enjoyed seeing the pictures you posted as well as reading the very descriptive and interesting posts you wrote.

    Hope to read more on the next adventure!

    Vickee (Cassie’s mom)

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