Heldeleine’s Noon Update

Hello Friends and Family! This is your noon update for our Day 2 trip to the Azores from Lagos,Portugal.
It was a long tough night aboard. As I suspected, the Predictwind routing model, wind speeds and wave action were wrong. Where we should’ve had 15 knots we had a sustained 25 knots with gusts to the low 30’s. That would’ve been fun enough but the sneaky little Algorithm informed us of 1 meter seas and we, of course, found 2-3 meters seas all chunked up by the past few days. We reefed down and hand steered through the night (Harry, the autohelm could not handle the situation). We reached a scary 12.4 knots racing down the front of a wave and, on the positive side, broke Heldeleine’s 24 hour miles-made with 183 miles!!
The crew is hanging in there with only 1 1/2 feeling queasy. Good spirits this morning. The boat is doing wonderfully with all systems doing what they should do. I will try to update each day.


Heldeleine’s Noon Update — 6 Comments

  1. Yee Hah! Better you than me. Can you please arrange for placid seas in the Azores? 😉 Love you guys. Watching and sending you rays of noon sunshine for a safe journey!

  2. Dan this would scare the ____ out of me!!! So glad I’m not along (and I’m sure you’re glad too…) Just 3′ chop in the Inland Passage does me in. Stay safe and have fun-

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