Heldeleine leaves for the Azores Tomorrow!

Well, off we go on our 2nd Leg of this adventure. This is the big one. 1800-200 miles. We are ready and the boat is ready. We have spent the past few days with little jobs to organize things and do some small repairs. For example: a water tank was leaking through a connection and we had a plate made at a machinist shop ($20) and with some gasket material aboard made the repair. No more leaking water and hopefully a hydrated crew. Also on the way here I was finding it difficult to sleep because as the boat crashed through waves outracing ANA, the anchor (88lbs) at the bow would be slammed about, even though it was lashed every which way, waking me up with thoughts of the anchor crushing the head stay and losing the rig….The solution was to remove the anchor today and stow it low in the tool room to eye bolts that we installed. Lashed to the eyebolts below, the anchor is out of the force on the sea, more secure and blissful sleep I shall have. The crew has been working on many other projects. We lost Eric after the 1st leg and Tom, Pierre and I were eventually joined by Max (my Dad). Dad missed his 1st flight on Sunday and because our Epirb (rescue beacon) failed it’s safety test, he was bring a replacement. The Epirb was delivered by Barbara (forever to be known as St. Barbara) Manager of the Woburn West Marine Store. She DROVE to Logan airport to deliver the Epirb and when my father missed the flight she had him stay overnight at her house and drove him to Logan at 6am the next morning, through Boston traffic, on her day off. How do you thank a truly wonderful human being?! Pretty great stuff. We are in your debt Barbara. Thank you again. So, off we go. Track us on this Live Map but also on the ARC Europe Website. I will post updates when I can and will try to get the other guys to do the same. Regards to you all for now!


Heldeleine leaves for the Azores Tomorrow! — 6 Comments

    • 25cSoy padre de uno de los niños beneficiados por la FUNDACION ALBERTO Y DOLORES ANDRADE.Mi esposa y yo damos gracias a la Fundación y al Patronato por cumplir con los deseos de sus fundadores, apoyando a niñas y niños que tienen deseos de estudiar, que perseveran y tienen metas con miras de ser útiles a sus familias y a la sociedad , como parte de su compromiso con MÃiFtXICO.Âelƒci‰amos a las madres y padres de familia que impulsan a sus hijos para ser siempre mejores, ya que serán los ciudadanos del presente y del futuro.GRACIAS.

    • Il film me lo sono segnato e anche questa ricetta, se ricusissi a farla con i mirtilli che trovo in montagna dai miei sarebbe il massimo. Buona giornata, Marina.

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