Fes, Morocco

imageAfter a very long day yesterday, we are in Fes (Fez). The day started in Gibraltar with an early morning taxi to the ‘Frontier’ (as the Gibbers like to call the border) and then another Taxi to the Ferry in Algeciras, Spain for the 1.5 hour trip to Tangier, Morocco. We arrived in Tanger Med, which is a giant newish port to make the arrival process more secure. It is a vast complex that is very underused at the moment but with a “build it and they will come” attitude. After a scary Taxi ride (no seat belts, 100mph straightaways, and aggressive passing…Welcome to Morocco and the Male Ego in full expression) we arrived at the train station. On the train to Fes we met a very nice man maned Abdul who had ‘family’ in Denver and wished to ‘Help’ us (as we were now family) for a favor (money) with guides, drivers or anything we needed. He was very smooth and subtle and had unnerved the girls a bit because “Daddy, he seemed honesty and who can you then trust”. Lessons are being learned. He soon left and we had the compartment to ourselves except when visited by other ‘Abduls’. Since it is Ramadan this month there was no food or drink aboard the train but the conductor kindly acquired 2 large bottles of water for about $1us. With a small tip it was the first financial transaction in Morocco that didn’t leave me with the feeling of being conned. It is part of the barter culture and we as visitors will learn to adapt. So, here we are at the Riad (Hotel or large Home) Baraka. Peaceful, Soothing and a Perfect end to the day. It is magical and a bit surreal being here.


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