Cross Cultures


Greetings! After experiencing the Moroccan desert, where the traditional Berber women wear Burkas and keep themselves covered, our boat took us to the island of Espalmador (in the Balearic Islands), where quite a few women and men were naked on the beach! We saw a couple of families–entirely naked. Mom, Dad and kids too.
It was a complete CULTURE SHOCK from conservative Morocco. This beach, with naked Europeans, is only 150 miles away from North Africa, where people completely cover themselves. Two different cultures, very near each other. I asked Maddy and Helen to cover their arms and wear baggy pants when we were in Morocco, as a sign of respect.
I thought to myself, “what do I say to the girls now? Buy a string bikini? Blend in–go topless?”
And yet I loved that Moroccan culture. I miss Morocco. I loved the people we met there. Naked or covered: people are people.
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  1. You are so right, Mars! Fundamentally people are the same and want the same things:for their families to be safe, with a roof over their head and food on their table despite their cultural differences (although I prefer being topless to wearing a burka!)Love, Patti and Scott

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