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Contact Us — 32 Comments

  1. Hi Guys, How is it going? Are you traveling by auxilary or sail? A recent course change implies a wind shift? You seem to be making tracks directly toward Bermuda. We are watching the weather and hoping it is not becoming a problem. Let us know if you have time. Much Love! Dad and Mom

  2. Hey Captain ! How’s it going out there ? Interesting barge action Saturday morning ! Did you get the guys details ? I’m trying to arrange quite a nice bit of trouble for same on this end. Wish I was out there !

  3. Hey Dan,
    Just was Skyping with Dane in South Carolina and they’re getting pummeled by Tropical Storm Ana. Had to shout for him to hear me over the cracks of thunder and lightning. Hope you’re missing it and, if not, that you’ve battened down the hatches and are riding it out now. Give us an update when you can!

  4. Dan, looks like you are making great progress. Love seeing your tracks to Bermuda. Hope weather is cooperating. Go away ANA. Be safe.
    Love you,
    Cindy and Roger

    • WOW! You are in Bermuda already? You get there faster than I thought you would. GREAT! You can now wait for better weather. You probably didn’t get my previous messages but I wrote you as a true Land Lubber.

  5. Sounds like a wild adventure. Glad you are there safely
    It looks like Tom Tom is on your dock! Love the technology. We’ll miss you tomorrow night! Will is doing great! Safe sailing!

  6. Hello Dan, and the cew,
    Well done for the first leg? You fought against ANA, Super! Now the actual crossing is begun shortly, hoping that all boats are present!
    Good crossing to the Azores! Have a good time !

  7. Hi Dan and Crew –

    What a great website! Please give my best to Max!

    – Barbara @ West Marine in Massachusetts

  8. Hi Dan,

    I’ve just totally enjoyed listening to your interview with Franz on the Sailing in the Mediterranean PODCAST. My wife and I just bought a Beneteau Oceanis 45 this year and plan to cruise in a few years after she is out of charter. For now we are using our owners time in the BVI. We have hopes of sailing in the Med one day and listening to your stories gave me a lot of good information on places to stop along the way. I really want to go to Morocco!

    Maybe we will cross pathes one day!

    Best Wishes,
    Jim Plante
    S/V Saint Bert

  9. Hi Dan,
    Thank you for that Amazing Birthday party in Gaeta. We hope to see you soon or At least to keep in touch!
    Have a safe trip,
    Gianluca, Federico & Porcellino

  10. I loved reading your post, Dan! Hope your sailing partner will be all right with the minor hip thing 🙂 hey, “where did you have your hip replaced? I got mine in Italy!”, sounds like a hell of a conversation starter, no? Ha! Hope you’re awake at this time. Keep having fun and come back safe and sound. Z

  11. D+L–have not heard anything from you guys. Karen is staying with kids for next couple of days. Been informed that Suzanne has 2-5 days left. Can you confirm that you have received this? I go to CA today.I am leaving van at house, in case Uncle Pete and Will need it to get home from airport. The kids are doing well. Maddy is in charge. Have safe travels and may the wind be at your backs!!! ??

  12. Dan and Laurie,

    Now the Culpeppers from the USA meet the Culpeppers from Italy in Marakesh, Moracco. What an adventure!

    We are eager to hear your news! At least a camel has no noisy auxilary diesel. Although, I hear their exhaust is rather odiferous!

    Have a blast and send us some news, OK?


    Dad and Mom

  13. WooHoo, Dan! Can’t wait to hear more stories of your 2018 summer sail. Hopefully you’ll have some time to also “enjoy the ride” 🙂 Congrats!!!

  14. Hello crew!! You guys are moving fast! I looked at the grib files–guess the wind is going your way.
    Dan–I sent the message on June 12: “We love all of you!!! Please have a safe trip!! Xxxxooooo
    I then forgot to sign my name–so that message was from me and the girls!
    Helen is studying for finals, Maddy is working and I have a gig at a hospital reception with harp today.
    I think you sent me a message from Iridium, but it did not come through.
    Try again! LU, Maryly

  15. Dan–we have not crashed into Uncle Pete’s car yet, but there is always the last 4 days until we leave……..
    Christine, my flute student, dropped off her rabbit so we could baby sit ( or rabbit sit…)
    It is pooping everywhere and peeing. All hell is breaking lose–the air conditioner does not work, the dryer went on the fritz and I can’t find my car keys. Oh, and the rabbit ate one of the passports.
    Other than that, we are doing fine here.
    We miss you, and much love,
    Maryly, Maddy and Helen

  16. Hello Dan. WOW!! I thought my 2000 mile drive to Aspen every June was an adventure. Not really. All the best to you and yours on the trip. Great to see your progress on the map. All the best. Ray, and Mase Family

  17. To Dan from Karen at POTO: Heading to Maine in next few days….saw that our favorite restaurant in Rockport has new drink called, “Small Craft Advisory’…which changes depending on the weather”….hope you’ve got smooth sailing out there!!!!

  18. Dan,

    Really enjoyed your journey. Love your writing. Question: I met a woman sailor/writer last night at a concert and we talked about your story. She asked me if she could read it. Would that be OK? I also have another sailor/friend or two who might enjoy it. Let me know if it’s OK to pass it on.

    Looking forward to meeting you next Sunday at the wedding!

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