Calm Sea, Troubled mind,

I can easily accept the fact that we are only traveling at 1.5 kts or that we might not get to the Azores before Pierre’s birthday in August or that the sails are slapping themselves silly. All of this would be bearable if not for the groan of the boom which sounds like a demonic Wagnerian Brunnhilde having a terrible night at the Met. She will just not shut up. We are hoping for more wind and the early death of our soprano. Otherwise things are going well with the watch routine and the repair of various items like the GPS on the radio, the battery monitor, the power output from the engine alternators, rewiring a toilet controller, and trying to figure why the solar remote is not showing output to main batteries. If you don’t like problem solving aboard a sailboat it would be better for you to fly to Europe. Come to think of it, Tom could do that for us… —-


Calm Sea, Troubled mind, — 3 Comments

  1. If it weren’t for Brunnhilde’s concert, how else in the world would you pass the time? Maybe you can four can harmonize with her groans as a barbershop quartet? Have fun with the problem solving, which is luckily one of your many gifts, Dan. Keep up the great work! Inspired!

  2. dan,

    wow…u r amazing dan and what an experience u r getting! once in a lifetime…or maybe you’ll bring the boat back to the usa…. next summer??

    love reading your posts!!

    enjoy your break from estrogen, pms and a houseful of woman!!!!!!

    b safe!!! xxo brenda munks

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