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Emilio and the new power distribution system

Emilio and the new power distribution system

Hello Heldeleines!
It has been a boatless 11 months as Heldeleine has sat in Italy and I have been grinding away here. Yes, boats and the maintenance and repair of boats can be very frustrating at times. Some damn thing breaks and you get pissed. WTF. Heldeleine is rarely, if ever, at 100%. And that is fine by me. Problem solving is a large part of the appeal of sailboats for me. You eventual just work the problem and deal with it. But doing it remotely has been frustrating. This is NOT because of the language (I get great help on that front) or the competency of the workers (they have been excellent), it is simply not being there to help and be challenged.
Here is some of the work in addition to what I explained in the previous post:
-replacing the 2nd Alternator (bracket broke and Alternator flogged itself to death on the engine….)
-reconfigured the wiring for the 2 alternators for a better charging scenarios for the various battery banks. Emilio had a really cool idea and I’ll see a week if it all works as planned.

And naturally, like all returning sailors, I am bringing a duffle bag filled with 50lbs of boat stuff with me. Everything from deck awnings to new power plugs. I can’t wait!

So, our plans…more about those in the next post.


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