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What an amazing adventure I have had these past seven weeks! It’s not often someone gets a chance to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a sailboat these days…and I got to do it with an incredible group of guys. The first (and most important because he’s running the show) is Captain Dan, my big brother. I am so grateful that he not only has an adventuresome heart, but also that he has a generous heart and includes me in his schemes. Let’s cross the Atlantic…sure! Let’s cross the Mediterranean…sure! Morocco…Azores, why not?! Not only does he enable these experiences, he is an amazing traveling companion. It didn’t matter if we were provisioning the boat for our trip, wrestling the enormous spinnaker sail, or hand steering for 3000+ miles, his attitude made it fun. Work the problem!
Dan also has a great knack for choosing crew. Mattia, who comes from near Torino, Italy but currently lives in Malta, has become like family to us. Ever since he showed up on the dock in Lagos, Portugal he has radiated a positive and “can do” enthusiasm for every task at hand, even in the roughest weather and queasiest conditions!Quickly we realized he had hidden cooking talents and we all benefited from our own Italian chef for the duration of the trip. That is only one aspect of Mattia that we will miss! Our other European crew member is Andrés who is from the Galicia region of Spain. He is an accomplished 470 racer and we really appreciated his sailing skills! I was fortunate to overlap on watches with him and our conversations were always thought provoking and fun. Even though he was technically neutral, he did all he could to help fishing team Petaurie win! (Sadly, it didn’t happen, but we never gave up hope until we were pulling in to Newport) The boat sage was our last crew member, Uncle Pete! There was never a question he didn’t readily know the answer to (except perhaps how to spell Boutros Boutros-Ghali…) His photography skills are exceptional and I can’t wait to see the finished photos! It is such a privilege to spend time with Pete and it’s no coincidence that I was on the same watches with him (the perks of writing the watch schedule!) Thanks to each and every one of you for a trip of a lifetime!


A Post from Laurie — 10 Comments

  1. Awesome post, Laurie!! Wonderful time you had!
    So glad it’s a positive experience for you!!!
    So happy you want to be on the boat with him!
    Cheers for many adventures you and Captain Hornblower will have in the future! ???

  2. And the last crew member not yet mentioned is my fearless sister Laurie who braved the ocean squalls, the rigors of round the clock watches on a boat full of men and the adventure of the unknown and came out a winner. Well done, Laurie!! Well done, ALL. Most impressive.


  3. Wonderful post Laurie, and just sorry for those of us who have had a marvelous time getting everyones’ updates on route. Congratulations on a successful navigation to Newport, and will look forward to hearing about your adventures now on the other side of the pond! Miss you already.
    All the best, XO Jayne and the Gaeta Gang!!!

  4. Laurie,
    I’m so glad that you’ve had such an amazing transoceanic voyage with such a stellar crew. I thank you all for taking such good care of each other, and the fish thank you for (largely) leaving them alone. Welcome back!!

    Looking forward to hearing more about the adventure!!

  5. Congratulations on your crossing! It was a pleasure to read of your adventures. You’re all a group of brave, inspiring souls. Welcome home!

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