Overnight to Ponta Delgada

The island of Santa Maria was a unexpected and wonderful first stop in the Azores. Our guide today was Pedro Diaz. He drove us around on dramatic cliff roads to a lush forest of Japanese pine trees, 100 meter high waterfalls and a tremendously varied landscape. 7 hours of wonders. Photos are a poor substitute but here goes:

We are leaving NOW for an overnight. Update soon.


Overnight to Ponta Delgada — 3 Comments

  1. The following comment is for Will Boylan from his students:

    Hi Mr. Boylan! How’s your trip? It’s Braveheart. Michelle is here too. The baseball article is really interesting. WE are sending this just because we want to annoy you. Have Fun!
    Hi this is Michelle! I hope you stay safe-be careful! We miss you already. Have a good time and relax for next year!

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